Industrial & Commercial

We at Hi-Tech Security have specialised in the installation, maintenance and upgrade of Industrial and Commercial security systems for nearly 30 years. Like you and your business, we are fully aware of the current epidemic that is the sprawling crime rate in Ireland today. We all know someone or some business that has been affected. Whether you are a shopkeeper, Logistics Company or a petrol station, we carry the complete range of security and surveillance solutions from reception area monitoring to underwater, high risk and hostile environment observation.

Because of the wealth of knowledge and expertise that we have built on over our years in business, we can assure you and your company that you will get the very best in quality equipment, first class installation and dedicated customer care.

Hi-Tech Security offers the latest in Intruder Alarm Systems and Network and Analogue CCTV right through to Smokescreen Systems and Bullet Resistant/Intruder Proof doors and glass. All work carried out is certified to the highest IS-EN 50131-1 standards.

Here is a brief synopsis of how we can help your business:

  • Installation & maintenance of industry specific tailored intruder alarm systems including remote GSM control
  • Renovation and upgrade of current security installations
  • Covert and specialised CCTV monitoring systems, including Mobotix Ultra Hi-Res CCTV and live video feed to your home, laptop and mobile phone*
  • Fire detection and early warning, Fireray wide area detection systems
  • Access Systems including MagLock, electric gates, RFID and biometric readers and time keepers
  • Counter Ballistic/Intruder Proof doors & glass
  • Safes and Secure Rooms
  • Concept Smokescreen and S3B Sound Barrier – The most effective deterrent on the market today as used extensively by Tesco and Boots

We take great pains to ensure that not only do you get a first class system; you get a first class installation with first class workmanship. Our engineers and planners go to great lengths to ensure that our work is extremely smart and tidy. We endeavour to keep your installation as ergonomic as possible by way of carefully matching fixture colours with surroundings where possible, keeping cabling hidden and using ingenious methods to discreetly keep from view any signs of installation. What you might see from our competitors’ installations, no loosely hanging cables, rusty brackets or unsightly mismatched component colouring will you find at any of ours.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and security concerns and how we can be a benefit to your business. We greatly look forward to being a part of your team.